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February Events

There is so much to celebrate during this beautiful month of February. I wanted to take the time to highlight some important days, activities, and how HandiWork LLC is making an effort to celebrate, encourage, empower, and bring awareness to important days or celebrations this time.

We are excited to start a new Mentorship program called Melanin Empowered in leiu of Black History Month. National Black History Month, also known as National African American History Month, during February is a time for all Americans to celebrate the achievements of African Americans. In addition, the month recognizes the central role of Black Americans in history.

We are making the time to make sure that our girls have the knowledge and access to seeing herself and others in a positive light and making sure that she is confident in her skin. She will also be exposed to relevant members of her community that is living out Black History.

Here are some of the Mentors that our girls are going to be able to speak to

We also have Valentines Day happening this month, and we can tend to focus on couples (and that is all fine and dandy, I am sure searching the internet you will find plenty of content that will give you ideas on how to celebrate in this way). But I would like to share with and encourage our SINGLES out here that you can celebrate also. Self-Love is one of the most important things that we should be practicing. Here are some ideas on how to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Last but not least Teen Violence Awareness Month:

During February, Teen Dating Violence Awareness Months provides an opportunity for prevention and healing for teen victims of violent relationships.

According to the Domestic Violence Awareness Project, approximately 1.5 million high school students in the United States experience physical abuse from a dating partner. One-quarter of parents don’t talk to their teens about domestic violence.

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month encourages parents and adolescents to take an inventory of their relationships. Abuse includes physical, psychological, or sexual abuse. Visit and, for conversation starters and resources. (Source: National Calendar )

How will you celebrate this February? Share with us in the comments


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