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Child Development Specialist

Keisha Montfleury has been working with families for over 17 yrs. Her passion has always been for the social emotional health of our children, that is why she received her Bachelor's Degree in Child/Human Development. 

After receiving her degree she went straight into working for preschools and before/afterschool programs where she discovered her passion for the social emotional health of our youth. 

Keisha understands the importance of providing quality enrichment programs for our youth that not only supports them; but promotes their:

*Social-Emotional health & awareness

*Problem-Solving Skills

*Critical thinking skills


The Confident Child is a series of workshops/classes that includes:

The Confident Child: a program dedicated to our students that will support their ideas and allow them to explore their gifts, skills, and talents

Social-Emotional Care 101: a workshop dedicated to educating our care givers on the importance of supporting our children's social emotional wellbeing as well as the other areas of their lives.

Blue-Print to Literacya workshop dedicated to support our caregivers/families/students with the importance of providing literacy in a fun, creative way

*Workshop held at places such as Arizona State PBS; Boys & Girls Club ; Menifee Unified School District (Grandparents Raising Children's Program)

**These workshops can be geared for either caregivers; parents/families/ or students

The Confident Child Mini

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