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New Year...New Me???

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

This phrase is a super popular phrase, and it generally means that you plan on making some drastic changes for the new year.

But how realistic or effective is this? How many times have we heard of people making plans and new years resolutions that they will be strong on for the next month and then fall off right after?

I don't mean to sound like a "debbie downer" but it's the truth, and statistics shows this ( I am not going to share them here...LOL...but you can do the research thats needed to get those).

You know that I am not going to say all this without sharing a solution right?

Let's start this new year with ways on reflecting on the good habits that we have and keep on doing it, and then looking at some things that we can improve and making small but mighty changes to support the change.

That is my solution...I know it's probably different from what you have heard in the past, but it's definitely worth a try.

Out of 3 things that I always share with the girls in my care is that practicing HEALTHY CONFIDENCE does NOT happen overnight, and there will always be struggles and hardships, but everything that we hope to achieve will TAKE PRACTICE.

I hope that this small blog supports you and your girl on your journey.

Remember that we have so many classes, workshops and practical tips and tools to help with this, take a look around the website to get started on this unique journey.

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