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The DANGERS of having a low self-esteem

"Did you know that it's actually DANGEROUS for our girls to walk around with a low self-esteem?"

What do I mean by that?

I am confidently saying this statement because I myself was someone that battled with low self-esteem, as I came to the realization of this and started to make different, intentional decisions in my life, I came to an "AHA" moment where I realized that having a low self-esteem caused me to make some poor decisions in relationships. And I am not only talking about romantic relationships but I mean friendships and other types of relationships also. You see when you have a low self-esteem the reality of this is that you think you don't deserve certain things, and when you think that way about yourself it will show up in your thinking, and in the decisions that you are making in ALL areas of your life ESPECIALLY relationships. Another thing is that other people will notice this about you also, and although it may not be apparent and obvious to some, there are some people (predator's of all kinds) that are actually SEEKING our young girls with low self-esteem so that they can take advantage of, abuse, and in extreme cases exploit our girls. If you don't believe me please take a look at some of the statistics that has to do with our girls (I shared some in the last post).

I think it's important to look at facts but feel it's more important to share solutions. One way that HandiWork LLC is being proactive is by specializing in personal development programs for our school-aged girls that encourages her to practice HEALTHY CONFIDENCE so she is not giving into negative behavior such as self-harm and bullying.

We do this by hosting interactive workshops and providing our girls with practical resources for her to be able to practice these skills.

Make sure you check out other pages on our website so that you can get more information about what we do, how we do it, and why we do it, and of course how you can enroll your girl in one of our workshops.

Check out a couple of flyers for the ones we have coming up below.

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